How Hiber built onboarding that converted 70% better


The story of how Hiber and Insert Coin collaborated to create a more engaging onboarding that increased both conversion and retention.

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A gamified onboarding is more engaging

Hiber requested an onboarding to be built. Since Hiber was understaffed, and Insert Coin has an UX team and an entire gamification platform on the ready, it was a good fit. Here are the results Hiber saw after it all was implemented.

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Day 7 Retention

Gamification mechanics used



GWEN is built to be a completely modular system. If we only need a single mechanic to reach our goals, that’s what we’ll start out with. Later on it’s easy to add more mechics to create even more effects and synergy.

Words from our client

“Not only did the GWEN platform fit most of our needs in one package, the process of working with IC is very pleasant and makes us feel involved in creating the best kind of user experience for our product.”

Johan Wingård

Johan Wingårdh
UX director | Hiber

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GWEN's key benefits

😀Motivating and encouraging user experience through game mechanics. 
👍 Seamless integration and implementation with the app thanks to open API documentation for GWEN.
🎯 Valuable insights and user data through tracking of behaviors and events.
💭Cloud-based and scalable to support millions of users.
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Sign up.

Create an account in our admin portal to get started

  • 30 day free trial.
  • Pay as you go based on MAU.

Set up.

Pick a template matching your product type & targeted KPI goals

  • Engagement system setup templates.
  • Step by step onboarding of admin portal.


Implement backend & frontend using our developer docs and UX guides.

  • GraphQL API.
  • Comprehensive developer docs.
  • 3rd party platform integrations.


Follow the results in real time & let our AI help you optimize. 

  • Essential analytics views to understand how users behave and how they are progressing through their user journey. 
  • Understand the key moments in the user journey
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GWEN's real user value

Gamification through Insert Coins GWEN (Gamify the World Engine) provides digital products with a layer of intuitive, motivational and fun-loving game design, integrated into the existing app through API. By using the Progression-mechanic the users obtain an explicit sense of progression, to keep up the motivation and feeling of moving in the right direction. All efforts are celebrated by giving the user XP (experience points), celebrational feedback and regular level-ups as the user gain experience points.

The Achievements mechanic makes it visible for users when they reach milestones and goals, also handing out pop-ups and motivating events.
Coins are gathered when leveling up. These coins will, later on, be possible to use in a Rewards mechanic in the app, working out as an extra encouraging gesture to the user. The users will then be able to purchase real value items in exchange for the coins gathered. Last but not least the Leaderboard mechanic is used to enable friends to challenge each other in the app.

And if all these benefits weren’t enough, clients gathers extremely valuable data and information about their users, all thanks to GWEN. Through the admin tool GWEN Admin, the results and performance data are all gathered. Through the Metric tools, one can easily analyze the progress and performance of the user, and track events and behaviors for future improvements and development of the product.

The Progression mechanic

Provides users with a path of clear progression, making small victories count toward the greater goals in a meaningful way.


Mark milestones in user efforts and deepen user relationship with the app, making it more engaging to use and easier to recommend to friends

Valuable user and performance data

Made available through GWENs API and admin interface, increasing the understanding of user needs for future development and optimization.

UX analysis and efforts

Improving the onboarding for both users and content creators.

Frequently asked questions

What is gamification?

The application of game design and game mechanics in non-game contexts. For example, taking what’s engaging about playing games and using it to enhance a user experience.

Why should I use gamification?

Gamification can be a powerful tool if you want to encourage specific behaviors in a user base, such as improving productivity, promoting physical exercise, or enhancing learning. 

Does gamification boost growth?

By increasing user engagement you also increase the amount of attention spent, making users more invested in your product and/or company. This organically boosts growth and loyalty.