Integrate GWEN to your workflow

We offer many ways to connect to your existing services and products with platform integrations. If you have any suggestions for additional integrations, please let us know.

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Our GWEN integrations for Segment makes it possible to both send users activity and receive updates. Connect GWEN to your data pipeline following the links below: 

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Zap templates makes it easy to set up workflows for your most used apps based on updates in GWEN. Explore our Zap templates here. 

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Frequently asked questions

What is gamification?

The application of game design and game mechanics in non-game contexts. For example, taking what’s engaging about playing games and using it to enhance a user experience.

Why should I use gamification?

Gamification can be a powerful tool if you want to encourage specific behaviors in a user base, such as improving productivity, promoting physical exercise, or enhancing learning. 

Does gamification boost growth?

By increasing user engagement you also increase the amount of attention spent, making users more invested in your product and/or company. This organically boosts growth and loyalty.