Powerful Gamification tools and insights to convert, engage, retain users

Finally, a Gamification SaaS platform that speeds up product development in a scalable way, so you can start seeing results faster.

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Analyze and take action

Understand how your users interact & behave within your product, and engage them with Achievements, Missions, and Levels.

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Proven effects

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Loved & trusted

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"The main goal for Socios was to have users interact more with the app, and we definitely managed to do that using GWEN"

Patrice Holmin
Senior Product Owner | Socios


"A great benefit was the flexibility of GWEN ... It almost became like an internal project."

Anders Gran
CEO & Co-Founder | twiik

Johan Wingård Hiber

"Not only did the platform fit most of our needs in one package, the process of working with GWEN is very smooth and makes us feel involved in creating the best kind of user experience for our product."

Johan Wingård
UX director | Hiber

Feature highlights

GWEN is a versatile platform made for different industries and product goals. Learn more about your users' behavior, create a highly converting gamified onboarding, and so much more.

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We made it easier than ever for product teams and companies to start boosting engagement.

  • Sign up and get immediate access to GWEN.
  • Minimal coding required to connect your products.
  • Onboarding process and full documentation.


Understand how does your users interact & behave within your product

  • Ability to see how users act in your product.
  • Visual metrics that provides actionable insights.
  • Get AI predictions to enhance your user journey.
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Use the included gamification mechanics to boost user engagement and drive behaviors.

  • Progression, Achievements, Missions, and more.
  • Customize the gamification in our CMS.
  • An engaging user experience drives growth and loyalty.


Continually analyze, improve, and balance your implementation according to your needs and plans.

  • Scalable SaaS product that can handle quick growth and millions of users.
  • Metrics, A/B testing, and user segmentation.
  • Smart AI that predicts and prevents user churn.
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Save time and resources

Don't DIY when the solution is already built! GWEN has the science and tech to ensure powerful insights and long-lasting effects for user conversion, retention, and engagement.


API docs

Sign up to take a deep dive into the API documentation for GWEN.


Experts in our field

GWEN also provides professional services like gamification design, user journey mapping, and more.
Not sure what you need? Book some time with us and we can explore the best way to get you started!

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Frequently asked questions

What is gamification?

The application of game design and game mechanics in non-game contexts. For example, taking what’s engaging about playing games and using it to enhance a user experience.

Why should I use gamification?

Gamification can be a powerful tool if you want to encourage specific behaviors in a user base, such as improving productivity, promoting physical exercise, or enhancing learning. 

Does gamification boost growth?

By increasing user engagement you also increase the amount of attention spent, making users more invested in your product and/or company. This organically boosts growth and loyalty.